Speed Shaft Distance Trainer

“The Speed Shaft really is as advertised! Have been using it for only a week and have picked up 10 yards.”Charlie M., age 48

The Speed Shaft Distance Trainer

Faster Swing + Better Contact = Longer Drives

Swinging faster is great, but only if you consistently hit the sweet spot. The Speed Shaft is the first training aid that helps you do both – creating the extra ball speed that produces longer drives.

It’s an extra-heavy, graphite shaft that you swap with your own driver’s shaft when practicing. Using your own adapter tool, the process is simple and takes mere minutes. 

Practice with the Speed Shaft regularly and you’ll see big improvements in your swing speed and ball-striking. That equals a boost in ball speed – the No. 1 key to gaining distance.

You’ll also enjoy increased flexibility while quickly shaping up your “golf muscles” (the arms, shoulders and torso).

Each Speed Shaft is equipped with its own grip and comes with an adapter of your choosing (based on your driver’s manufacturer).


The Speed Shaft is available in three flexes and weighs about twice as much as a standard shaft.

  • Senior/Regular Flex – 120 grams (compare to ~60g for a standard shaft)
  • Stiff Flex – 130 grams (compare to ~65g for a standard shaft)
  • X Stiff Flex – 140 grams (compare to ~70g for a standard shaft)

Features & Benefits

Two-in-one training: Other training aids increase your swing speed. But only the Speed Shaft improves your swing speed and your quality of contact – with your very own driver.

Longer drives almost instantly: You don’t have to wait to see measurable gains. Speed Shaft users have reported picking up 7 or more yards after one practice session. It’s not uncommon to add 10 – 20 yards within 1 – 3 weeks.

Improved strength & flexibility: At twice the weight of your normal shaft, the Speed Shaft provides a great workout for your “golf muscles” and improves your range of motion.

Better rhythm, better contact: The added weight instills a smooth tempo, a major key to consistent ball-striking. 

The perfect warmup tool: The Speed Shaft gets your muscles nice and loose while dialing in your timing before each round. 

Designed by experts: The Speed Shaft was created by a pair of veteran club fitters and tested extensively before its release to the general public. 

Easy as 1-2-3: Just use the special adapter (included) to swap the Speed Shaft with the shaft in your driver, then switch them back when you’re finished. It’s quick and easy.

Suggested practice routine

Place the Speed Shaft in your driver head and hit 8 – 12 shots. Next, switch back to your driver’s regular shaft and hit four shots, then repeat the process. By using both shafts, you’ll get faster while maintaining feel and timing with the club you use every round.

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