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Questions? We got you covered.

What’s wrong with the “stock” shaft that came with my expensive driver?

Chances are, it’s not maximizing your distance, accuracy and consistency. It’s like buying a car with the “basic” engine and trim level vs. the getting the “performance” package with more horsepower and better handling.

OK, so what’s wrong with buying an aftermarket “performance” shaft?

Nothing…if you want to spend $300, $400 or $500 for questionable performance and quality. We tested “identical” aftermarket shafts from the major manufacturers and found they can vary 15% in flex and 8 grams in weight. They also have “spines” (where the sheets of material meet) that throw off the desired flex/kick point when you adjust your driver.

What makes Steadfast Shafts perform so well? What’s the technology?

We start with premium carbon fiber that costs 10 times more than what our competitors use. This premium material (and some proprietary manufacturing processes we can’t share) allow us to create finely tuned, superlight, and effectively “spineless” shafts with less than 1 degree of torque (twisting) that deliver the most distance and accuracy for YOUR swing (fast, medium or slow)…and you get these performance gains regardless of how you adjust your driver.

Aren’t all shafts made this way?

Nope. Unlike others who simply slap on or take off material to create different shaft flexes, we develop each flex from the ground up as an individual shaft. Each flex has taken months and sometimes years to achieve the performance goals and strict tolerances we set for it…and for ourselves.

What kind of performance gains can I expect?

Our testing shows you can gain 10-15 more yards of carry and total distance because Steadfast Shafts produce more ball speed and less backspin. You’ll also enjoy more accuracy – up to 25% fewer mis-hits and dispersion because our extremely low-torque shafts reduce twisting and sidespin. As for consistency, our shafts are precisely weighted and effectively “spineless,” so the flex/kick points remain consistent even when you adjust your driver head.

If Steadfast shafts are so good, why are they so inexpensive?

Our shafts are so affordable because we make them here in America and sell them directly to you. We don’t pay for factory middlemen, overseas shipping, high-rent retail stores, TV advertising or PGA Tour player endorsements, so we can keep our prices low.

Do you stand behind your claims with a “satisfaction guarantee"?

We offer a 30-DAY FLEX SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don’t like the shaft flex you purchased, send it back and we will replace it.



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