Steadfast Driver Shaft

SteadFast Shafts land the MOST fairways

Most Balanced & Lowest Torque Shafts Ever Created

You'll Love the New Steadfast aftermarket Shafts

The New Steadfast Shafts are the best feeling and most stable on the Planet.  Engineered with torque and balance as priority 1.

Increasing distance requires Weight BALANCE between the head and shaft.

Driving the ball straight requires Low Shaft TORQUE.

Carbon Fiber technology has done amazingly well supporting lighter overall weight, but in nearly all cases has gone too far making the club head feel heavy. Often the head lags behind or flexes ahead of the hands at impact. 

Why do the competition's shafts need to be tipped and butt trimmed to get any reasonable performance out of them? 

The Answer: "Costs" lead the decision making for the competition. Less process controls save manufacturers money. There shouldn't be any performance variation shaft to shaft with consistent manufacturing. Yet, if you swing two clubs of the same brand, model and flex you get completely different results. THIS ISN'T RIGHT!

At Steadfast: We let feel and data drive innovation. To achieve balance we started with simply weighing golf heads to understand grams needed to offset. The next steps were a bit more difficult. Distributing that weight and orientating the fibers to achieve maximum performance took years of development.

Not only can our results be duplicated in any simulator and by any robot, pro golfer or amateur, but our shafts are engineered -- flex by flex -- Meaning each flex is a completely different formula that has been optimized with 100’s of revisions and 1000’s of hours in the simulator. (Strict tolerances and an effective “spineless” design keep kickpoints the same even when adjusting the loft of heads.) 

Made in St. Joseph, MO, USA


  • Soft - 3.0 torque, 60g
  • Regular - 2.4 torque, 64g
  • Stiff - 2.4 torque, 67g
  • X - 2.4 torque, 72g
  • 3X - 2.4 torque, 75g 


30-DAY SATISFACTION / FLEX GUARANTEE: If you don’t like the shaft flex you purchased, just send it back and we will replace it at no cost to you.

3-YEAR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: Our shafts will produce the lowest torque, sidespin and backspin you’ve ever experienced (i.e. you get more distance and accuracy) or your money back.

LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE: If your shaft ever breaks – in 2 days, in 2 years, or in 20 years! -- we will replace it for you at no charge and with no questions asked.

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